5 Easy Ways Your Family Can Love Others at Valentines Day

Love is in the air. Let's let it be in our family life as well. Here are 5 ways your family can show love to others — and to one another – this week.

1. Remember necessary people.

Gather the gang for a brainstorming session. One by one ask each member of your family to answer this question: "Name the people you see throughout the year that help you do life." Who can you think of? Teachers? The mail carrier? Your doctor, dentist, or optician? The neighbor who watched your dog when you're gone? Your pastor? The lady at the bank or man at the car wash?

Now, brainstorm what little way you could show them love. Perhaps you could sign a thank you note and deliver it along with a gift card to a local coffee house. You could make a colorful poster where you each list one character quality you see in them. Or take and print off a crazy selfie group photo of your family and pop it in the mail along with a note that says, "You know who is thankful for you? This crazy bunch!"

Any simple way to convey your words of gratitude to those people we often take for granted.

2. Pick a pump or person.

Go on a secret love-giving mission. Park at a gas station and pick a pump that is not being used. Swipe your credit card (or pre-pay inside) putting some money on the pump. Then, watch from your vehicle as you see the smile when a random person discovers that somebody pre-paid for some of their gas that day.

Do the same thing at a drive through line for a fast food restaurant or coffee house. Buy a snack or toasty drink for all the members of your family in the car but also pay for the person’s order behind you. Have a ready made sign for your kids to hold up in the back window that says, "God loves you! Happy Valentines Day!"

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