5 Powerful Habits That Every Couple Should Practice

Michael and I have been married over 26 years now. Some of his habits I love and some not so much. Like the way that he kisses me every time he comes home – that one I love. Sleeping in a cold bedroom? That took some time to get used to. I remember waking up one cold winter night because the snow was blowing in my face. He liked to sleep with the windows open back then and I wanted them closed. Early on in our marriage we attended a Valentine’s dinner for couples. During the course of the evening we played a little game to see how well we knew our spouse.

Michael was asked the question, "Which one of Darlene's habits get on your nerves the most?"

We laughed out loud because both of us knew exactly what his answer would be. I do this weird thing with my throat when it's itchy. I make a loud scratchy gurgling sound. And, well, the first time he heard me do it he just about jumped out of his skin. It's a habit of mine I've carried on through the years.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. But the best habits – the ones that we want to solidify and ingrain in our marriage – need to be practiced day after day and year after year. I call them "habits" because I see them as behavior that needs to be followed until it becomes a natural and necessary part of our marriage.

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