5 Practical Ways to Teach Your Kids to Pray This Summer

Our family loves road trips. Over the years, the many hours we've spent in the car have helped my husband and me to teach our kids how to pray in very practical ways. This has included safety and concerns in our own travels, as well as for others. So if you have a road trip planned this summer, below are some practical ways to teach your kids to pray as you travel.

1. Don't Leave Home Without It!

Our road trips always start off with prayer before we even leave the driveway. This has become such an important part of our routine, that if my husband and I have felt rushed or overwhelmed and left without a prayer, one of our daughters has reminded us we need to pray first. Prayer includes asking God to lead us in which routes we take, protection over our vehicle, where we stop along the way, which hotels we stay in, where we stop to eat, and basically a request for God to direct our steps for the safest and best vacation possible.

2. Highway Evangelism

Driving gives us countless opportunities to pray for the vehicles that we pass and encounter along the way. This includes asking God to give safe travel for the other drivers and passengers. Also, for God to lead those we are passing on the roads who don't know Jesus to Himself.

3. Roadside Assistance

We were recently stranded in the 113 degree desert heat. Now, when we see cars stopped by the side of the road, we ask for God's protection over the vehicle and passengers, for help to arrive as soon as possible, and for financial provision to cover any needed repairs.

4. Activating Mercy

Passing by accidents gives us opportunity to pray for God's mercy, for rescue and medical help to arrive as soon as possible, and for His protection over the lives at risk.

5. Pointing in the Right Direction

When we see hitchhikers, we ask God to direct their steps, give them safety and wisdom in traveling, and to cross their paths with other Christians.

Although vacations may seem designed to leave our cares behind, they are also an excellent time to teach our children practical ways to pray for those along the way.


Lynette Kittle is married with four daughters and serves as associate editor of Ungrind and the associate producer of Soul Check TV aired on the NRB Network. Her writing has been published in numerous publications including Focus on the Family Magazine, Decision, Today’s Christian Woman, Start Marriage Right, Growthtrac, and more.