5 Reasons Church is Good for Your Marriage

If you ask my husband Ted why church is good for marriage, he'll most likely quip, "I met my wife at church. That was good for my marriage." Wit aside, though, Ted takes being an active member of our local church seriously. So do I. In the decade since we first met, we've been purposeful as a couple to make regular church attendance, as well as active participation, a consistent part of our lives.


Well, primarily because Scripture encourages us to do so.

Just read through the book of Acts. Here Luke illustrates the beauty of believers living life together. Of fellow Jesus-lovers walking through the daily grind hand-in-hand as they learn, love, and live the gospel. Then, later in the New Testament, the writer of Hebrews instructs us, "And let us consider how to stir one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another" (10:24-25, ESV). We're actually told not to neglect the kind of fellowship found in church.

And do you know what Ted and I have found over the years? Church really is good for our marriage. It's benefited us and helped to strengthen our bond.

Before I tell you how church can be good for marriage, I want to stress that when I say "church," I mean a healthy, life-giving body of believers. I realize that there are dysfunctional congregations out there. Ones that might not be so ideal for your marriage. Maybe some of you have attended them. But, there are also a lot of strong, healthy, life-giving ones. In most cases, I've found that you just have to seek them out.

So why is church good for my marriage and yours? Here are five things Ted and I have experienced.

1. Church Provides Shared Experiences

A huge part of married life is shared experiences. Shared experiences come from doing the day-to-day of life together and making memories with one another in the process. For Ted and me, church offers another opportunity for this. We wake up together, get the kids ready together, drive together, sit together, worship together, drive home together, and sometimes eat lunch out together with our girls. When workweek jobs and responsibilities require we spend a lot of time apart, church brings us together.

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