5 Reasons You Need to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

Today we are addressing one of the most important things to influence in our children’s lives: Sex. Growing up neither of our parents talked to us about God’s design for sex. Aside from the fact that we both grew up in non-Christian homes, we still believe if our parents addressed this tender and life-altering subject that our choices in the early stages of adolescence would have been much different. Thankfully, God blessed us both with the gift of salvation well before marriage and as a result have been able to teach our three children about what the Bible says about sex.

With the help of several Christian-based resources, we’ve had “the talk” with each of our children about marital intimacy. Because we began teaching our children about biblical sexuality around the age of 3 (one was 4), they know immediately when something they see or hear doesn’t line up with God’s Word. Our oldest child, now 15, has a beautiful understanding of who she is in Christ and how that directly relates to her choice for sexual purity. And our two young sons (ages 7 and 9) amaze us with their convictions when it comes to turning away from images and inappropriate clothing. We know this is all only possible because we have always openly discussed sex in our Christian home.

Today we are going to talk about 5 reasons you need to talk to your kids about sex.

5 Reasons You Need to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

1. Because It's Your Job

As parents, God has blessed us with stewarding the lives of our precious children. This means that we are to love, protect, instruct, and pray for them. Outside of Christ, we are their strongest advocates when it comes to life on this earth and so it is our job to teach them all we know. This is particularly true when it comes to matters of purity because without this instruction, they will easily be overcome by the lies this world has to offer about sex.

2. To Help Them Maintain Their Purity

Without understanding God’s design for sex, our children have no reason to remain pure. And it is likely they will make choices that are not only potentially harmful, but also dishonor God in the process. With the increasing usage of technology by children today, their purity can also be lost by exposure to pornography – an increasingly difficult thing to bypass. We have put a system in place that controls our children’s internet usage and filters out any potentially unholy content. And by talking to our children from an early age about sex, it will help make it an easier topic to stay connected about when they are going through adolescence.

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