5 Screen-Free Summer Family Activities

Every summer our family makes a point to be outside as much as humanly possible. We love the long days and warmer temperatures that allow for us to spend a lot of time together in the great outdoors. Another thing my husband and I love about the summer is the ability to focus on one another a bit more as our homeschool slows down allowing more time to have fun together! Of course with the extra time comes the temptation for each of us to spend more time on one of our iDevices. I know I have been guilty at times of sitting down to read my Kindle and not resurfacing for hours. While this serves a purpose at times and is a fun way to occupy our time, we strive to have mostly screen-free days during the summer.

5 Screen-Free Summer Family Activities

1. Hands-On Family Devotional Time

We love family devotional time. We love it so much that we began to take our favorite family devotionals and make a day of fun out of them. For instance our family Bible study guide Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit, we dedicate a full day doing things that directly relate to each fruit of the spirit. We have been doing this now for 3 summers and it has given our children wonderful insight into serving God's people as well as the character of Christ as well! And the ideas are endless!

2. Summer Cook-Off

This is a favorite in our family! This is where we plan several different cooking challenges by category (ie: bread making, grilling, desserts, etc). Then we set up different days throughout the summer where we have a cook-off competition of sorts. We get a lot of recipe inspiration from our Summer Survival Calendar. This is all in fun and the entire family enjoys it! Now that our youngest is 7, we can step up the competition a little bit. But it was fun even when the kids were toddlers!

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