5 Simple Ways You Can Make Time for Self-Care This Fall

It was Tuesday morning. 9:55 a.m. Our four girls and their two cats had all been "fed and watered," as I sometimes jokingly say post-breakfast.

The three older girls were neatly dressed in their school uniforms. Teeth brushed, and hair tamed. Zipped book bags stood by the door to the garage, water bottles and afternoon snacks safely tucked inside.

Our youngest still wore her pajamas. It was my husband Ted's work-from-home day, so she took in a new episode of Paw Patrol as her sisters put on their shoes.

That Tuesday marked the start of week #4 in our new fall schedule.

After three years of full-time homeschooling, this year we’d decided to make a change. We’d enrolled our daughters in a local "university model" school. This educational model combines the best of private school and homeschool. For the last three weeks, our girls had spent two days a week in campus classrooms studying math, science, history, Spanish, and Bible. The other three school days were spent at home, working on assignments from on-campus days, as well as studying literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling.

And, honestly? The adjustment was harder than I'd imagined. Let's just say I won't deny crying ... more than once.

That Tuesday morning as I kissed Ted goodbye and prepared to drive the girls to school, I told him, "I've been taking care of everything but me." And I didn't say that purely because I hadn't showered in two days.

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