5 Surprising Things Moms Don't Know They'll Miss

Dear Mommy of Little Ones, I know it’s exhausting. Your job is constant. Your sleep is limited. You give all you have to your kids, God’s most precious gifts. But sometimes, every now and again, you want to scream from a mountain top that there is simply no way you can possibly fold another pair of socks, wash another sippy cup or sweep another Cheerio off the floor.

Would you believe me, young mom, that one day your heart will sting a bit at the memory of those socks? That sippy cup? All of those Cheerios? I get it; right now it’s a challenge simply to see past this weekend’s birthday party, preschool carnival, visit with the in-laws, and trip to Costco, but if you look just a little further down the road, you’ll catch a glimpse of fully grown responsible members of society (that you’ll still call your babies) heading out the door. And here are some things you can’t imagine you’ll miss. But you will.

1. The Run-around

There’s no doubt about it, going on errands with your children takes twice as long. Someone loses a shoe. Someone else is hungry. People are staring. The aisles at Target just aren’t wide enough. But the phase of having your kids with you in the car, in the stroller, in the grocery cart, doesn’t last long. So sing a few songs in the check-out line. Pray in the car. Get ice cream on the way home. Sooner than you think, they’ll be driving themselves around town.

2. Dishes, Shmishes

That sink full of dirty plates means more than just another household chore. It represents an incredible time in your life when your family eats together. Your kids will soon be making plans with friends, attending a late practice, heading to a school function or packing up for college, and family meals will be a rare delight. The messy table, the crumbs, the spilled milk are all temporary, just as is this special time in a young family’s life.

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