5 Things You're Not Doing for Your Wife (And Should Be)

Husbands, do you ever wish that your wife came with an instruction manual of how to make her happy? Ever find yourself wishing there was a YouTube video explaining step by step how to love and cherish your wife well? Come on fellas, let's be honest. As husbands, we've probably all had those "I just don't understand my wife" moments. And no matter how great your marriage is right now, the truth is we can always improve how we show love and affection to our wives.

Many times you may be asking the question: "What did I do wrong?" But what if the problem isn't something you did, but something you didn't do? Sometimes it is what is lacking that causes the biggest issues.

This one is for all the husbands who want to have a better marriage. So whether this is a good refresher for some of you, or totally new news for others, here are five things you're not doing for your wife (and should be):

1. Continuing to pursue her

After the wedding day has come and gone, the honeymoon is in the books, and you have settled into "real life" together, remember to keep pursuing your wife. It is helpful to realize that men are more achievement focused whereas women are more relationship focused. As husbands, we can’t view marrying our bride as the crowning achievement of the dating season and then just stop wooing her. The last thing you want to convey to your wife is that your romantic efforts during dating were solely to get her to marry you.

Your wife desires for you to be captivated by her and pursue her for life. She wants to know that she is a beauty worth pursuing, not someone who has been pursued, "conquered,"and is now common and ordinary. This means you must do the things that won her heart to keep her heart. Be intentional to make sure the little romantic gestures continue long after the altar. Plan surprise date nights. Buy her "just because" flowers. Write tender and loving notes/cards. If we want our marriage to be healthy and growing, then we must continue to date and pursue our wife.

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