5 Tips For Praying With Your Kids

Praying with your children is an important activity that families should prioritize but when many of us struggle to pray consistently on our own, teaching our children to pray may sometimes seem a bit of a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be!

Praying with your children can be a very simple habit to begin, if you haven't already, and it can also be a time for you as a parent to show them a variety of ways that they can talk to God about.

The beauty of talking to God is that there isn't one right way to do it! Prayer is simply open and honest communication with God. We should teach our children that God loves to hear from them and wants to be intimately included in every details of their lives. As we teach our children about prayer and pray with them we can show them a variety of ways in which they can approach the thrown of their heavenly Father about what concerns them.

Here some tips for praying with your kids and maybe even some tips to help you in your prayer life as well!

1. Pray at Meals

This one may seem obvious but take the meal time prayer a step further. Assign one kid ownership of the mealtime prayer for a specific time of day (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) and let them "own" that time for an entire month. It will give your child regular practice praying and give them a habit of praying daily. It will also cut down on figuring out who should pray at each meal.

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