5 Tips to Help Keep Your Marriage Spark Alive

For those of you who have been married for a while, you realize that a wonderful marriage doesn't just happen. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of hard work and intentional choices by both spouses to keep your marriage alive and healthy! One area that we've discovered in our own marriage that has tried to fade out from time to time is the romantic spark. Can you relate?

Imagine this if you will: You and your beloved are all alone on a warm summer night sitting out on a beachfront patio eating dinner under the stars. You hear the sound of waves crashing as the sand is swept up into the rolling tide. The clear sky allows you to gaze up on the star-filled sky and the soft lighting of the moon is shadowing your spouse's face just right. And you embrace. Romantic isn’'t it?

Well let us give you a little peek into our real-life "romantic" nights raising our young family: We frantically rush after dinner to get the house tidied up – encouraging our three children to finish quickly (and with a smile). We brush teeth and read stories at lightening speeds. We pray and sing a few songs to the Lord before we end our bed-time routine with a Scripture to meditate on. We turn off lights and walk out of bedrooms to hurry out and finish up our "romantic" dinner.

Five minutes roll by...

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