5 Ways to Build a Strong Spiritual Connection With Your Spouse

I suppose I took it for granted. After all, I had been a missionary in Africa. Graduated from seminary. He was heavily involved in Christian publishing. We were both serious about our faith.

A spiritual match made in heaven.

You'd think.

Yeah, I figured our spiritual connection would just fall into place. Naturally and easily. I somehow imagined we'd wake up from our honeymoon and start praying together. Studying the Bible. Memorizing verses and maybe entire chapters.

Our lives together would be one long spiritual retreat.

Um ... not exactly.

As it turned out, I still had to make breakfast. And he had to rush off to work. And I got pregnant and woke up feeling more like throwing up than praying. We had diapers to change and meetings to attend. Bills to pay. Things that don't generally happen on spiritual retreats.

Much to my disappointment, something called everyday life kept interfering with our spiritual connection.

If we wanted to enjoy a spiritual walk together, we were going to have to do something about it. It clearly wasn't going to happen on it's own.

So over the years, we've found these 5 ways to help us build a stronger spiritual connection:

1. Set realistic expectations.

You don't need to have daily devotions together to be "spiritual." Sure, I love it when my husband and I pray together, but it doesn't always work out for us. Thankfully, all-night prayer vigils and intensive Bible studies are not essential to enjoy a a spiritual walk with each other. So don't set yourself up for disappointment by your own strict definition of what it means to be "spiritual."

2. Let God into those little moments.

Stop to praise the Lord when an unexpected check arrives in the mail. Cry out to Him when your family is sick or hurting. Sometimes I simply whisper into my husband's ear that I thank God for him. It's not a Bible study or a formal prayer, but these are truly spiritual moments. And I find our days – and years – are mostly made up of such holy times.

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