5 Ways Children Will Change the World

Recently we had some friends over for dinner and they announced they were expecting their fifth child. We were thrilled. I laughed looking into our backyard and seeing our own eight children running around in circles, creating a mini-circus. Our neighbors must have thought we were having a birthday party. As we rejoiced with them over the exciting news, my friend made an interesting comment, "You know, early on in our marriage we talked about how we might change the world by writing a book or getting on the cover of Time, but now we're realizing our best shot at changing the world is through raising the kids God has given us."

A Call to (Tiny) Arms

What if more Christians had this view of family? What if more of us didn't see children as a burden, but as a blessing, and as an opportunity to raise up a small army who could change the world?

At what other point in life do we have such a convenient opportunity to teach, model, rebuke, and encourage the characteristics we desire to see in another person? We have tiny disciples living right under our roof. We so often talk about the ministry we're doing with others — discipleship over coffee or another Bible study — but what about at our own breakfast table?

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