5 Ways to Defend Truth

Before we get started with the #TruthInLove series, we need to define some terms. Truth is reality ... what really is.

Subjectivism is where truth and reality are determined by the subject or person.

Relativism is the theory that there is no objective standard by which truth may be determined. There is no absolute truth.

As Bible believers we believe in absolute truth which means we stand opposed to relativism and subjectivism. Truth is not relative to time, location, and people groups. Truth is not subject to peoples opinions or culture. God's Word defines truth.

Whew -- that was a lot of words that we don't deal with on a daily basis but here's the point!

A world of relativism is a world of contradictions. If I say the coffee pot is empty and you say the coffee pot is full and we are both right ... then our world makes no sense. This is impossible.

If a Christian says "there is a God" and an atheist says "there is no God" we cannot both be right. It is impossible.

So then we move into moral issues.

If culture teaches our teens that sex outside of marriage is okay and even good and we say it is wrong (1 Cor. 6,7) it is impossible to both be right.

So the struggle for us as believers is living in this world of contradictions.

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