5 Ways Helping Others Can Improve Your Marriage

Friends were preparing to welcome their third baby, so my husband, Ted, and I had agreed to provide them with a home-cooked meal. I chopped vegetables, browned the meat and started combining all the basic ingredients for the harvest soup we were making. When it came time to add the broth and seasonings, I turned to Ted. As we've cooked together over the years, we've learned that my strength is in the meal planning and prep, while Ted's gift is in perfecting the flavors. I watched as he smelled different spices, chose the ones he felt would best complement the vegetables and meat, and added them until the soup tasted just right.

While it would have been easy for me to make the soup on my own, experience has taught me that it wouldn't taste as good or be as much fun to make if I worked solo. In matters of soup and other areas of service, Ted and I have learned that serving side by side doesn't simply meet the needs of others, it also draws us closer together as a couple.

It can do the same for you and your spouse. Whether it's serving in your local church, volunteering at your child's school, baby-sitting for friends, or helping new neighbors move in, here are five ways serving together can strengthen your relationship and help you feel more connected as a couple.

Sharing experiences and memories

After suffering a miscarriage five years ago, Ted and I decided to participate in a local pregnancy center’s yearly Walk for Life. We wanted to pour our energy into loving expectant mothers in a tangible way. For more than a month, we worked together to raise funds for the event.

We marched side by side for the 2-mile walk, joining hands as we crossed the finish line. For us, serving together in this way not only drew us closer as a couple, but it created cherished memories we look back on together.

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