5 Ways to Invest in Your Marriage and Family

Have you ever ridden an ocean wave? You get on the top of the wave and it propels you forward with the massive energy of the ocean. You make efforts at strokes that provide minimal impact or direction. Sometimes the craziness of life feels like you are riding the wave. Work, school, sports, dance, music, church and other demands dictate the hours of our day. And, what if there is illness or aging parents or other unexpected events? The busyness of life propels you forward, and you feel as if you have limited power to change the course of a day.

You do have a choice in what goes into the "wave" that you ride. Yes, there are daily demands of work and school, but you can and should be intentional in how to invest your time for your marriage and your children.

Each year my husband and I took time to evaluate the best way to invest in our marriage and our family. Here are 5 ways that we worked to limit the power of the wave and optimize influence and direction in our lives and the lives of our children.

1. Pray Together

Before each school year my husband and I would pull aside as a couple and pray for wisdom and guidance for the year ahead. (James 1:5) We'd ask questions like: What character qualities need to be strengthened? What is our family focus this year? How do we expand our vision? How do we train our children spiritually? The answers to these questions instructed us as to how to invest our time.

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