5 Ways to Make Faith Fun for Your Kids

Our church is blessed with an outstanding children's ministry. On any given Sunday, my children might be treated to a puppet show, an obstacle course, game show prizes, snow cones or sweet tarts — at the 8 a.m. service, no less. All week long, the kids in our congregation look forward to their next chance to sing and dance and squee! down the indoor treehouse slide. No wonder these kids love Jesus. At church, he's a super fun guy.

But what about at home?

Of course as parents we know it's not the church's responsibility to instill Christian values in our kids. Faith begins in the family, where it’s our job to model and teach biblical principles on a daily basis. But what if home lacks the fun factor? Are we making God too boring for our kids?

Yes, I know, the Bible tells us to be holy, not goofy. But a little bit of childlike glee can't hurt. As a tool for motivating and relating to our kids, it can actually help endear their hearts to Christ. Here are five simple ways you can make the Bible fun for your family.

1. Invent Memory Tricks

To help my kids memorize Bible verses, we make up our own songs and sing them over and over at the top of our lungs until the verses are committed to memory. Sometimes we dance, too. Try reciting verses during a game of balloon volleyball, where whoever bops the ball says the next word. Or write the reference in Reddi-wip and let the kids slurp it after saying the full verse.

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