5 Ways Your Job is Killing Your Marriage

My husband surprised me one day by stating, "Sometimes I'm jealous of your work." I asked him why. "Because I wish you had that much energy for me." Resisting the urge to defend myself, I paused and thought about his comment. I realized it was a call for balance. In reality, if I quit working and instead waited on him hand and foot, he wouldn't prefer that. He agreed. He was just expressing his desire for the best of me from time to time, not just the leftovers after a hard day's work.

Can you relate? Work is a major part of our lives. The average American worker clocking in 40 hours a week from age 20-65 will spend 90,360 hours working in a lifetime. How can you be both successful at work and at home? Solomon writes in the book of Ecclesiastes 2:24, "A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil." Purposeful work is a blessing, not a curse. The curse comes when work massively or continually interferes with your home life. Here are five ways your job may be killing your marriage:

1. You're always on the job.

Before the cell phone and Internet, you left the office and you couldn't work from home even if you wanted to. Now you're accessible to your boss and clients anywhere there's network coverage at any time of day or night. You weren't meant to be constantly on call 24/7, even if you're an emergency worker. You need regular down time to nourish your relationship with the most important person on the planet, your spouse. Make sure you turn off your phone on date night and vacations. Don't stare at your phone when your spouse is talking with you. Look into his or her eyes. And please, don't be part of the 34 percent who admit to answering their phone during intimacy with their partner!

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