5 Winning "Team Us" Strategies for Your Marriage

Last summer I tried to convince my husband Ted that we should apply for the TV show The Amazing Race. In my mind, it would've been the ultimate marriage retreat: world travel, dedicated time away together, and an array of team-building "activities." A jackpot of shared experiences as a couple. Ted didn't exactly rejoice at the idea. He didn't even laugh at the suggestion. Nope. I can still see his face now. There was fear. Lots and lots of fear.

Mostly because he knew I was dead serious. And, on the slight chance we were actually cast, he knew I'd be counting on his chivalry to rescue me if faced with any feat of outlandish heights or if called on to eat haggis. The heights, he could have probably dealt with. Sheep intestine, not so much.

Looking back, it's good Ted didn't encourage me. If cast, I'd most likely have gotten us lost – being the horrible navigator of American streets and cities that I am – and, as a result, in a fight in some foreign country somewhere on national television.

While Ted and I may never be teammates on the show, I love what The Amazing Race reminds me of when it comes to our marriage. I find that most of the couples who win – whether husband and wife, father and son, or best friends – are for each other. They work together in order to succeed. And I believe that's vital to my marriage and to yours.

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