The 6 Rules of Communication in Marriage

It wasn't exactly sound advice but, you had to admit, he had a point. The older gentleman leaned across the table and said, "I learned a long time ago, when you're having a disagreement with your wife, as soon as you are convinced you're 100 percent correct, apologize immediately!"

There'd be a lot fewer arguments in marriage if this advice was followed, wouldn't there?

But, is that what God would have you do ... cave immediately to keep the peace? No, that is never a long-term solution. Stuffing what you think and feel now will only lead to a destructive explosion down the road.

Disagreements are inevitable. After all, this is marriage! So, how do we have an honest disagreement without it escalating into a full-scale war, dishonoring ourselves, damaging our relationship, and diminishing our testimony as followers of Jesus Christ?

Everything in life operates on a set of rules: Growing a garden, playing football, landing an airplane, downhill skiing, driving a car ... it doesn't matter. Whatever it is, ignore the rules and you're going to have a mess on your hands.

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