6 Tips to Become a Better Listener in Your Marriage

If you're like most people, you don't like to be wrong. You have in your head how you want things to be and, when they don't go your way, it's hard to see others' perspectives. This seems to be especially difficult when it comes to communicating with your spouse. If you're like us, becoming better listeners is something that each of us has to work on, consciously, each and every day. We have found, in our endless efforts to communicate better with one another, that there are 6 tips that really seem to help.

6 Tips to Become a Better Listener

1. Think About What's Worked for You

We've all been there…needing to talk and don't know what to say. You just know that you need the love and support of those closest to you. When you find yourself in a position when your spouse needs to talk to you, ask yourself what's worked when you've needed someone to listen. Did you need him to respond and problem-solve for you, or did you just need someone to serve as your sounding board? When you take the time to reflect on what’s most helped you, you can offer the same support when it's your turn to be the listener.

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