6 Ways to Encourage Learning in the Home

Learning and knowledge are wonderful things, however our kids don’t always see it that way. Many times they have a negative outlook on learning because the only thing they can think of when hearing that word is school work. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are several things we can do to make our homes a home where learning takes place naturally. We want to give our kids a love of learning and creative outlets at home so they can shine! Home is a great place to see the individual gifts your children have and to provide them with the tools to enhance those gifts. It also gives us a chance to spend quality time with them, and this is something they love! There is nothing that makes their day more then to know they are going to get one on one time with mom or dad. Studies show that kids who are encouraged in learning by their parents do better in school and have more confidence in life.

Some of the ways I encourage my children in learning at home are:

1. Writing letters

Writing letters is a lost art, however this is a great way to help children with their handwriting skills, grammar, and sentence structure. You can also have them write poems or stories to grandparents and relatives. You can even have your kids illustrate them (the artists will love this) It can be a copied poem (of course giving credit to the writer) or one they make up themselves. Pen Pals can be so much fun because they can find kids that are the same age and have similar interests to share letters with. This also helps with story writing. We know that email and texting can be fun and easy, but remind your children they will truly make someones day if they send a handwritten note instead. Remember how you felt as a child when you received them!

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