7 Ways to Carry Christmas into the New Year

Cookie crumbs scattered on the counter, dirty dishes piled in the sink, and wrapping paper stuffed into the garbage. Friends and family come and gone, memorable moments captured and posted, and leftover ham packed and frozen.

I'm not sure why, but such telltale relics of Christmas always make me feel a little blue, a little gloomy, a little downhearted.

Can anybody relate?

It probably has something to do with the fact that we have spent the last six to eight weeks preparing for celebration and surprise, feasts and festivity.

And at the root of all that planning, we have been thinking about others: our children and parents and siblings and spouses; our friends and neighbors and co-workers and hairdressers; the imprisoned, the poor, the homeless, the hungry.

But now ...

It's almost over.

Here's the thing, though: God doesn't ask us to be others-centered for just a season; He calls us to be others-centered for a lifetime.

So I'd like to carry Christmas and all that love-others focus right on past Christmas day.

You, too? Yes?

Let's try this:

7 Ways to Carry Christmas into the New Year

1. Listen. As you move through each day, quiet yourself to listen carefully to the compelling voice of the Holy Spirit. He may ask you to do something specific to extend God's love. Are you supposed to buy groceries for the single mom down the street? Does He want you to pay the mortgage of a stranger around the corner? Be still and know that God constantly speaks ... we just need to get better at listening!

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