7 Ways to Dream with Your Spouse

Remember when...? Those seem to be two of our favorite words around here. Michael and I often talk about that first year together: the many nights we walked hand in hand feeling the chemistry growing between us, and the days we spent sharing our hopes and dreams for the future.

I remember sitting down at the kitchen table one afternoon, with a ruler and pencil in hand. We were busy designing the a-frame home we hoped to build for ourselves. The upstairs had a loft bedroom, and downstairs, running alongside the hallway, we sketched out a sun room. Whether we could ever afford it or not wasn't the question. This was our dream home -- something we hoped would be in our future; something we planned to work alongside for.

But then there were those who walked by the table, looked down at the paper and said, "What's that?" Do you have any idea how much that will cost you? I don't think that's in your budget..."

And it wasn't. But a couple can dream can't they?

Some of the best conversations we had were spent dreaming. I wanted to know everything about this man including his hopes and dreams for the future. I can tell you right now--if he would have told me that he wanted to go to the moon, I would have been cheering him on every step of the way. I was his biggest cheerleader, and he, mine. It didn't matter how big his dream was, I believed that he could achieve it and my greatest hope was that I'd be there beside him when he did.

Couples really never stop dreaming, but the sad thing is that too often we stop dreaming together. We stop communicating about the things that are important to us, the work God is calling us to, and the fears that we face.

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