7 Ways to Find Community

The Christian life is meant to be lived in community. We are encouraged, challenged, and sanctified through relationships with other believers. But many Christians feel isolated and unsure about how to connect with others. Perhaps you had great community in college through a Christian campus ministry, and now you’re out in the workforce and struggling to find those kinds of relationships again. Maybe you’ve moved to a new city and aren’t sure how to break into established groups and create a new community for yourself and your family. Perhaps you’re surrounded by people who seem to be in a different life stage, and it feels like you can’t fit into the community around you. Whatever your circumstances, here are seven suggestions for finding community:

1. Join a church

This may seem obvious, but joining and investing in a church is foundational to building Christian community. I’ve often heard young adults lament the lack of community they have post-college while fondly reminiscing about their experience with a campus ministry. A common thread seems to be either they have not joined a church since college, or they are not invested in the church they have joined. Churches are the primary way Christian community is organized. Find a Bible-believing church in your city with pastors who faithfully preach the Word and join it. Then invest in it. The remainder of this list provides ideas for how to do that.

2. Invite people over for dinner (in every season of life)

We have found that one of the best ways to get to know people is to invite them into our home and share a meal (or even just a dessert) together. Food is a fairly universal way to bond. While everyone may not be interested in joining you for a hike or going to a concert, everyone has to eat and most people enjoy doing it with others.

Being married is not a requirement for this type of hospitality. We have a friend who as a single man regularly invited other single people, couples, and families into his home for meals. His intentionality about pursing relationship built him many lasting friendships. It also helped him find his wonderful wife. Now they regularly invite others into their home together.

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