8 Keys to Help Keep Your Kids from Pulling You Apart: Part 1

When I heard the front door open and his briefcase plop down on the floor... I knew I should put the spaghetti sauce aside and go give him a big “welcome home” hug.

I could already hear the kids shouting, “Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home.”

But I just didn’t feel like it.

I was tired, bone tired.

Tired of being cooped up with five little kids (ages 2 to 9) all day.

Tired of his breezing in for dinner and out again to another meeting and leaving me to get five kids into bed.

And I was frustrated at our lack of communication.

It seemed like we were just passing in the night. Our conversation had resorted to the functional – what a particular child had done, who was going to pick up the dry cleaning, and “Oh, did you call your mother?”

We weren’t sharing they way we used to before life got so crazy with the kids. We just didn’t have time or energy. I felt resentful. I seemed to be drifting apart from him, and it scared me.

“Help Lord,” I said as I put down the sauce to go greet him. “This is not the way it is supposed to be. We love our kids, but we need time for us too. Please show me how we can grow closer instead of pulling apart. Give me the energy and the will to make changes even when I don’t want to!”

We all love our kids, yet we want to and need to continue to grow in our marriage. How do we do this in the midst of raising kids plus handling everything else that is on our plates?

Today begins a 4-part series covering eight keys to help us keep our kids from pulling us apart.

8 Keys to Help Keep Our Kids From Pulling Us Apart

1. Recognize the tendency to drift

Our tendency is to think, “I’ll work on my marriage when life calms down.” But life doesn’t calm down, especially with children. It only gets more complicated.

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