8 Tips to Help Him Hear Your Heart

No, I didn't back down. Not this time.

She was wrong about it. I just needed to keep explaining why until she understood. Except it didn't work out like that. I thought I was adding clarity. So why wasn't she nodding in thoughtful agreement? Instead, the temperature kept rising until Lisa yelled (spoke with a firm tone, she says) and said (yelled),

"I don't care if I'm wrong. I just want to know that you care how I feel. I want to know that you are hearing me."

Marriage communication -- sometimes building a bridge to Mars seems less complicated. Why is that? Why do the simplest things become another opportunity for tension or disagreement?

Lisa will quickly tell you what makes the difference for her: Being listened to, having the sense that she is being heard. Can you identify with that? Do you want your husband to hear you when you have something on your mind?

Here are 8 Tips to Help Him Hear Your Heart:

Recognize Your Power. That's right, you are a powerful person in the life of your husband. Many wives don't feel powerful and therefore don’t recognize this reality but that is a major mistake. The Bible speaks of your power to influence your man without uttering a word.1 Peter 3:2 says that a wife's godly character and lifestyle, along with deep respect, can move a man to a saving knowledge of Jesus. If your character and godly witness can do that, it can go a long way in gaining his ear.

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