8 Ways to Maintain Your Friendship In Marriage

Growing up in a Christian home was a blessing. I had the privilege of watching my father and mother live as best friends in our home. There was never another person my father preferred over my mother. And there was never another person my mother preferred over my father. They both have good – life long friendships with multiple couples – but those are bonuses in life. My father – a very friendly outgoing man – is not the type that goes out with the guys on a regular basis and my mother, who is a little more private, is not the type to attend conferences with the girls – like I do. LOL! At the end of the day, they prefer each other's company over everyone else's.

The two are truly inseparable. I don't mean that my parents are always together – my father traveled for business all of my teen years and he loves sports. So he has his own interests but their hearts are 100% on each other. My mom knows that all commitments or choices she makes, affect my father and my father knows the same vice versa.

Here are 8 ways I've watched my parents maintain their friendship in marriage.

1. Great Communication

I grew up in a very open home. There were very few secrets amongst any of the siblings or my parents and us kids. We ate dinner around the dinner table every night – without any distractions and talked and talked and talked. Even now as adults, we sit for hours around dinner tables and talk. It's our family's favorite past times!

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