Random-Weird Dad Idea

"Dad, I have to admit," said my 15 year old son tonight, "This is the coolest random-weird-dad idea you've had! This is awesome!"

You see, my son is a meat eater and today I read this great book printed in the 1817 called The American Boy's Handy Book that showed me how to build the coolest outdoor grill in the world. My boys and I spent the afternoon at the rock yard and rebuilt our backyard fire-pit and fitted a thin piece of black slate over top for a no-joke griddle. We built a fire, spread the coals, oiled the slate, seasoned and seared the steaks, sautéed the asparagus, and caramelized the red onions.

Can you say "My taste buds are doing somersaults?" About to dig in with the fam right now! First we sing and give thanks to the one who gives us life and breath and everything else. God is so good.

Can't wait for the morning to try bacon, eggs, and pancakes on this man-grill! Grrrrr ...