9 Ingredients That Make Marriage Last

Walk into any bakery at this time of year, and what do you find? Fruitcakes. All kinds of fruitcakes. I'm not a big fan of them, but my brother-in-law, Jerry? A huge fan! One year he got about ten of them for Christmas. Everyone knew that he liked fruitcakes, and everyone decided to buy him one.

The good thing is that they don;t spoil as quickly as regular cake. He kept a few out, and was able to put the rest in the freezer for later.

I remember hearing about about wedding couples who held onto their cake for years on end as a keepsake. In fact one of my older sisters did that back in the day. Apparently people keep these for decades.

Is it true, or is this a myth? Does it really keep for years? I got to wondering and decided to Google the topic. Here;s what I found on Wikipedia:

A fruit cake baked in 1878 was kept as an heirloom by a family (Morgan L. Ford) in Tecumseh, Michigan. In 2003, it was sampled by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

An 86-year-old man brought the cake out saying that his grandmother made it in 1878. Tradition was that they would bake the cake one year, then put it up on a shelf in the pantry and eat it the next. For some reason it didn't get eaten that year and they've been passing it down in the family ever since.

(Just a side note ... even fruitcakes should be preserved properly if you want to hang on to them for years. I wouldn't want you eating old cake and getting sick after reading this ... m-kay?)

Back to my point. You know what this says to me? If you want your marriage to last longer than your wedding cake, preserve it. Bear fruit.

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