9 Unique Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

As dads, we should look for opportunities, both big and small, to connect with our daughters. Many times we think we need to impress our girls with something "big" when in reality a trip to the ice cream shop and good conversation is enough for her to feel connected to you. However, for those times when you want to make a really big memory, a day trip or weekend getaway can be a date that makes memories that last a lifetime. For creating those extra-special moments, here are 9 unique daddy/daughter date ideas that you can try:

1. Dance With Sugarplum Fairies

If your daughter takes dance lessons (and many girls do at some point in their lives), take them to see a professional ballet. I have found The Nutcracker to be a nice entry point into the ballet genre (especially for dads). Fantastic costumes, lighting effects, and familiar music makes for a date she will always remember.

2. Take Her Out To The Ballgame

Not all girls dream of going to a ballgame (baseball, football, soccer, basketball, etc.) so don't strike out (as I did) by assuming they're going to love it simply because you do. However, if you have a daughter who loves sports, this can be an exciting experience as you watch their eyes stare in wonderment as they enter a large stadium for the first time.

3. Wash An Elephant

Going to the zoo may not seem "special," but it is a great opportunity to share some time and conversation together – especially if your daughter is an animal lover. Many zoos offer "behind the scenes" opportunities such as feed the dolphins or shadow a zookeeper. On our zoo trip we signed up to help wash an elephant which turned out to be a memory we still talk about to this day.

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