9 Ways to Show Love to Your Family's Necessary People

When the winter months set in, often we stay in, spending more time on ourselves – watching television, surfing the Internet, or kids playing video games. Instead of idly passing the time, grab your family and focus on blessing some individuals I call the "necessary people" in your life. Who are your necessary people? Many of them help you week in and week out. Let's draw them out of the background and bring them to the forefront in our thinking. Then, brainstorm as a family something fun you can do to show them your love and appreciation. Valentines season is the perfect time to do this!

Survey your life for a moment. Who helps you get things done? Think through the following list. Perhaps you will want to even circle any of them that apply to your life.

When I think of my life, these are the necessary people that come to mind:

  • The mail carrier
  • The garbage men
  • Our doctor, dentist, dental hygienist, and optometrist
  • My son's teachers, principal, coaches, school secretary, lunchroom workers, and athletic director
  • Our pastor and church staff
  • The grocery store clerk and bagger
  • The local policemen, firefighters, and other first responders
  • The barista at my favorite coffee shop
  • My boss and coworkers
  • Servicemen and women in the armed forces

I'm sure you can think of many more!

All of these people are necessary. They help me — and my family — to get life done. Consider some of the following ways for you to reach out and show them that you care and that you are grateful for the service they provide for you faithfully year after year.

Take Inventory and Choose Just One Person

Using the list above, craft your own catalog of the necessary people in your life. But don't let this exercise overwhelm you. You don't have to do something for everyone on your list. Just pray about one person to begin with. If you have a husband or children or other family members living with you, gather their ideas and opinions as well. Then select one person — much like our family did with Mr. Brown — who will be the recipient of your love.

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