A Call to National Repentance

repentancemainPeter Berger says the world is now experiencing "two particularly powerful religious explosions" -- resurgent Islam and dynamic evangelical Protestantism. The news media commonly reports the passionate rise of the worldwide Islamic movement. This rise, led mostly by murderous Jihadists, is almost entirely within already entrenched Muslim strongholds. The seldom reported truth is that Evangelical Protestantism now penetrates into parts of the world previously unknown to it. Mass conversions in Asia, South America, and especially in Africa mark this move of God. Christianity is the fastest growing religion today and the only one with a global reach. As they learn the whole counsel of Scripture, Christian believers not only receive eternal salvation, but also receive, at least in seed form, the biblical principles needed to align their culture to receive God's blessings.

Uganda, like most African tribal nations, was founded upon and lingered for thousands of years in a state of intertribal warfare, the constant theft of private property and the tyranny of tribal chiefs. Yet God intervened. In the nineteenth century, missionary David Livingston opened up Central Africa to Christianity. After 1890, Uganda became an English Colony and Christianity began to spread. In 1962, Uganda won its independence from Britain. But by then the forces of radical Marxist guerrillas funded by Russia, and Islamic jihadists funded by Saudi Arabia, began to ravish the nation and its 85% Christian population. In 1971, Idi Amin Dada, a brutal military general and mass murderer, devastated the land, killing perhaps over 300,000 of his own citizens in cold blood.

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