A Christian Guide to the Zoo

zoomainSummer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere, and if you haven't yet made a family visit to the zoo, perhaps it's just around the corner.

The zoo is a wonderful opportunity for the Christian -- both for personal worship and worldview formation. Here's an effort to help Christians, who should be the best of all zoo-goers, make the most of their experiences this summer.

1) Prepare ahead of time.

The day before, or morning of, you may want to re-read Genesis 1–2, Psalm 8, or other biblical texts that address animals (like Isaiah 11:6–9, James 3:7, or Job 38–41 below). Pray that God would make the zoo a rich, spiritual experience as you have a chance to observe up close some of his creatures you typically don't see.

Parents may want to consider rallying the troops for a short Bible reading and explanation and prayer time before hitting the road. Set the tone early that the zoo can be a profound spiritual experience of learning and worship for the children of the Father who made the animals.

Perhaps check the website of the zoo the week before. Most will have some feature to help plan your day and a zoo map to give you the lay of the land.

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