A God Greater Than Google

We live in an age when we literally never have to wait for an answer. If it can be known, we know it in seconds, probably less. Siri, where is the nearest Chipotle? Google, living and active, lies at our disposal on every device we own. We've been trained to live without uncertainty. We've been taught that not only are we entitled to every answer, but that they're all just a couple of clicks (and seconds) away. No one ever has to not know again. We take every question, fear, or curiosity to Google or to social media, who quickly and effortlessly satisfy our desperate cravings for knowledge and guidance, either with an answer or a distraction.

We have an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise God, but most of the time we'd rather entrust our questions to the internet. After all, the god at our fingertips is visible, controllable, instant, and seemingly omniscient, at least omniscient enough for us.

But God didn't invent the internet to replace himself.

Looking for Express Lanes

Now, we probably don't need to stop and pray about how to get to dinner, or when Mother's Day falls this year, or how many games the Twins are out of first place. I believe God's quite happy to have those kinds of questions delegated to Google.

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