A Good Marriage is Worth Fighting For

worthfightingmain10, 243

A somewhat surprising number, isn't it?

Rather amazing. That's how many times I've calculated we've held hands. Over 10,000 times. My slim hand tucked into his large, strong one. Our fingers entwined and my wedding ring tucked in between. Perhaps the fact that we've been married for 20 years may help account for this impressive number.

But then again ... maybe it doesn't explain a thing.

You should be shocked that we hold hands at all. You see, the odds were against us from the get-go.

Those two will wake up hating each other.

That's what the pastor pronounced at our wedding ceremony. He really did. Now he didn't say it publicly - merely mentioned it casually afterward to those standing nearby. In his professional opinion, we didn't stand a chance.

Wake up hating?? Not exactly the blessing a new bride looks for on her wedding day. It would seem we were doomed. Declared incompatible from the very start.

Then oh! how I dreaded that day when we'd wake up hating each other. I'd always hoped we'd turn out the lights loving one another. And wake up just the same. Every day for the rest of our lives.

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