A Lighthearted Marriage

It's said that desperate times call for desperate measures. For my husband Ted and me, one such measure occurred en route to our honeymoon destination, Paris.

On the car ride from our condo to the airport, it struck us that we'd forgotten one very important item: a camera. I mean, seriously, who -- prior to the days of iPhones and Instagram -- packs for the City of Light and forgets a good, old-fashioned camera?

Yeah, that would be us.

No big deal, we decided. We'd make a quick stop and buy one. So there we were, at a K-mart less than a mile away from Norfolk International Airport, frantically determining our photographic future. Not only did we choose poorly in a store, but this was before the ease of googling reviews on that handy-dandy smartphone.

Desperate times, people. Desperate times.

We wouldn't discover until over 7,000 miles later that'd we might as well have taped the word "loser" to our foreheads.

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