A Little Secret Every Mother Should Know

momsecretmainIt wasn't what I expected -- to see him up on the cupboard like that. But when I turned around, that's exactly where he was, knee-deep in flour rolling the dough I had started to press.

Last Friday I was blessed once again when Nathaniel stood beside me at the sink asking if he could finish the dishes I had started to wash. Up to his elbows in water, he scrubbed pots and pans until the last one was dry and put back to rest in the cupboard. He's caring that way.

Each and every time I return home with groceries, he'll rush past me, load himself up like a pack mule and say, "It's okay, Mom. I got them!"

Some days I look at this little man growing before me and I see a gift in the future for just the right girl. All in God's time.

Last night I got to thinking about behavior and how children conduct themselves in one of three ways.

1. You have a child who plops down on the couch waiting for the world to serve his every need.

2. A child who will get up and help you or help themselves when they are instructed to do so.

3. A child who will take the initiative to live beyond themselves by helping others before they are asked.

While number two illustrates good behavior, we see how the third scenario depicts a child with excellent behavior. The question however that's been lingering with me for about fifteen years is: How do we get our children there?

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