A once in a lifetime opportunity

Have you ever seen the Dead Sea Scrolls? Most people have never had the opportunity. They have been called "one of the most important archeological discoveries in the world" because they prove the accuracy of the Biblical texts, predating the oldest manuscripts by 1,000 years!

This photo is of a scroll of the book of Isaiah. This, along with papyri fragments from almost every book in the Bible shatter the arguments of skeptics who claim that these sacred documents and fulfilled prophecies were written after the time of Christ. Arguments answered.

The more than 2,000 year old texts were discovered in 1947, when a shepherd boy threw a rock into a cave 40 feet up the side of a mountain to try and find some lost sheep. When he heard the sound of pottery breaking, he investigated and found a priceless treasure now kept under lock and key by the Israeli government.

This once in a lifetime opportunity to view these rare and beautiful documents at a local church inspired me and my family and reaffirmed what I already knew - that God watches over His words and that they are more precious than silver or gold.