A Rose for the Fall.

In the fall things that were vibrant in the spring become drab. Just before the drabness sets in there is one final burst of color.

Leaves change from green to hues of red, yellow and gold before they fall. Rose bushes yield a final volley of delicate beauty before a dormant winter brown takes control. This final bloom reminds us that after winter’s reign beauty will come again. This final rose shows the contrast of the beauty of Christ set against the barren backdrop of a world that has lost its way.

Don’t hide the wonder of Christ by clothing yourself in the drab colors of the world. Frustration, sarcasm, irritation, sharp words all indicate a preference for the dead selfish ways of the world. Show your children the beauty of Christ with warm, pleasant words of love and patient instruction.

Live out the reality that your children are a blessing from God. Take them with you on your journey to the cross. Show your children that the beauty of Christ stands apart from this drab dark world, just like the final rose of fall.

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