A Shout-Out To Single Moms

This has been a long week. It's spring, and my husband is in his "busy season" of working insane hours in his landscaping business. We have seen little of him.

This afternoon as I was eradicating ants from the floors for what feels like the umpteenth time in a day, I found myself getting a little ... bitter. With a hefty dose of sorry-for-myself.

What a crazy week. You have done this parenting thing ALL BY YOURSELF this week. You are so drained, aren't you?? You really deserve a break.

Instantly, I thought of my friend Jennifer. And I felt really embarrassed of my complaining.

A few months ago Jennifer's world was rocked, and now she is the parent in her home. Oh, she gets the occasional "break" once a month or so. But mostly, my "super hard stressful crazy all-by-myself week" is her reality. Her every day.

Every day, she reads the bedtime story.

Every day, she does the dishes.

Every day, she dries the tears.

Every day, she disciplines.

She weeds the garden and fixes the car and changes all the lightbulbs and hushes them in church. Alone.

That is the reality for single moms.

I honestly do not think most of us give this enough thought, of the sheer exhaustion and overwhelm and burdens and worries and loneliness that is Every Day as a single mom. If I think of it long enough, it nearly drives me to tears.

Enough of this hard talk, though. We can help. We can be His hands and feet. Here are three very practical ways to help a single mom. Let's not just feel bad, no? Let's do this.

1. Help by involving their family with your family, especially on the weekends and holidays.

My friend shared with my that Sundays are particularly hard, because Sundays are family days. Every else's family is happy and together and doing something, while their home often aches with the loss. Consider asking their family to join them on an event.

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