A Weak Mother Is a Good Mother

weakmommainIf there is one thing I want to do well, it's rearing my children to know God's voice and love his ways. But if there is one area that I feel most inadequate in, it's rearing my children to know God's voice and love his ways, and every other little thing I’m trying to teach them under this larger umbrella, whether it’s tying shoes or polite social interactions.

I panic when I think of my children embarking into adulthood, typically because I imagine that they'll have to call me to come tie their shoes or they'll freeze to death because I'm not there to remind them to wear pants and coats in the winter. Or they'll spend every waking minute in front of a video game console because I’m not there to monitor every second of their activities. Will they ever walk with the Lord? Will they become leaders in their homes and influencers in their communities? Will they love people well? It seems impossible.

And then I remember that a man isn't built in a day and to keep my eyes in the moment, to take small steps, to do the next thing.

But even for the moment, I often feel powerless and overcome at the mountain in front of me. I feel like I should be better at this than I am. Or maybe it's that I feel like all these things come easily to a "good mother" so I must not be one. I want to be a good mother but how do I get there?

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