Abortion Kills Two Hearts

You've probably seen the billboard that says, "Abortion stops a beating heart." Honestly, I wish the billboard said something different. I wish it said, "Abortion stops beating hearts." That change is significant because it strikes at the core of what we as evangelicals mean when we talk about being "pro-life." Abortion isn't just sin against the unborn, though it certainly is that. And it's not only a sin against the image of God, though we’re right to remind people that it is. Abortion is also a sin against women. It's not just a killing of the body, but a killing of the conscience.

Our task as pro-life Christians is not only to advocate for laws that protect unborn children; it's to advocate on behalf of the women walking toward the abortion clinic. And to do this we have to recognize that abortion is not ultimately about arguments, and it’s not ultimately about having the most persuasive political rhetoric. It's often about something more primal.

When Satan Becomes Pro-Life

When I talk to those who've worked in abortion clinics, one thing they often tell me is that most of the women who come into their facilities aren't talking about autonomy or choice. They don't speak of their baby as a "blob of tissue." Most of these young women understand exactly what is at stake, but they believe they have no other option and no other choice. Some of these women, even some of their doctors, are religious, and would identify as "pro-life" in a Pew poll. Yet when the moment of crisis comes—when the threats of shame and scandal and poverty feel imminent — these women see the abortion clinic as their only option.

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