The Absolute Necessity of Cleaning Wounds

You would have thought I'd been bitten by a cobra or by some exotic spider. Not quite -- it was only a small puncture wound from a hawthorn bush I was clearing for an elderly woman. No big deal, I told myself, but after a few days a large, hot bump rose on my wrist and two ominous red tracts were making their way up my left arm. The emergency room doctor took one look and said, "You're fortunate you came in." Without medical intervention, blood poisoning is a one-way express ticket to eternity.

Such a little wound -- so much power to destroy. The difference between life and death was taking action -- doing something about the poison.

Necessity of Cleaning Wounds

It's no different with invisible wounds -- the injuries that stab from the inside: that sharply selfish act you didn't see coming, the pointed fangs of a painful put-down, or that series of statements that slice like paper cuts.

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