Advocating for Life, After Colorado Springs

Pro-life voices across the country are singing in unison as they condemn the actions of a man who opened fire at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs last week. The only and best description of such violence perpetrated against helpless bystanders and a noble police officer is evil. As the result of this atrocity, three families are entering this holiday season with unspeakable sadness. In recent months, we have witnessed a number of shootings across the country, and perhaps because of the politicized air we breathe, people from different political camps have been outrunning each other to turn each tragedy into a weapon to advance their own causes. The shooting at Planned Parenthood is even more explosive – igniting the tinder of our country’s ongoing abortion debates.

What does this do for "the cause?"

That is a question that presents itself to both pro-life and pro-choice people following last Friday's rampage. Pro-choice people will be tempted to seize the opportunity to strike a blow for a woman's "reproductive health" and use the shooting as a way of painting all abortion opponents as violent religious extremists. Pro-life people will feel the weight of that question from the other side, wondering how this might serve as a setback in advocating justice for the unborn and the protection of human life at all stages.

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