Alabamans: Consider Judge Moore

If ever we needed a few good men who will do the right thing and stand for truth in high places, it's now. Every nation has laws to restrain evil. The Ten Commandments are the best ones ever written. History proves that. America was built on them.

Remember Judge Roy Moore, the man who stood against anti-God bullies who removed the Ten Commandments from his courtroom? Well, he is back and running for office to lead Alabama Americans in the ways of morality and truth.

Here's what others are saying about this man of faith:

OLIVER NORTH: "Chief Justice Roy Moore is a proven fighter for his faith and our freedom."

JOYCE MEYER: "Chief Justice Moore is a man of character, integrity and principle. His stand in defense of God’s Law, our entire legal system, his oath of office, and the very freedoms our nation was founded upon is a solid example of unselfish sacrifice. He is a true patriot and true public servant."

RICHARD SHELBY. United States Senator Richard Shelby (R - Alabama), who has been a vocal supporter of Judge Moore, was very clear about Moore when he stated, "Former Chief Justice Roy Moore has raised critically important issues facing our country today regarding the acknowledgement of God. He reminds Americans that we cannot allow activist judges tocontinue their disregard of some of the basic principles on which our country was founded."

JAMES DOBSON. Focus on the Family Chairman James Dobson called the decision "an insult to all people of faith, who are being told that the public acknowledgement of God is unconstitutional.... This is further proof that our federal judges are determined to excise every reference to God from the public square," he said. "In their hypocrisy, they ignore the fact that there are three depictions of the Ten Commandments and Moses in the U.S. Supreme Court building itself. Each day is opened with the phrase, 'God save the United States and this honorable court.' References to God abound all over Washington, yet the liberal judges choose to look past these historic acknowledgements of the Creator and beat up on the people of Alabama and its duly elected chief justice.... I greatly admire Judge Roy Moore and the courageous stand he has taken to defend the principles in which so many of us believe. He has confronted formidable opposition, but not once has he wavered in his efforts to combat judicial tyranny and to uphold the Judeo-Christian foundation that undergirds our nation’s system of government. Everyone of us could take a cue from the sheer strength of Judge Moore’s convictions and his unyielding commitment to righteousness.”

MICHAEL FARRIS (President Patrick Henry College): “Judge Moore walks in the strong tradition of Patrick Henry – A Christian who refused to bend the knee to a tyrannical regime."

DR. D. JAMES KENNEDY (Founder, Coral Ridge Ministries): “I am grateful that the Christian community has a champion of the caliber of Roy Moore. I look forward to seeing how God may yet use him in the future.”

If you want to get out of the stands and into the arena in a practical way, consider visiting Judge Roy Moore's website at