Alien Abductions: Freaky or Fiction?

The new show at Stargazers Planetarium, Aliens: Fact or Fiction?, and the new Pocket Guide to UFOs & ETs point out that the Bible does not address the question of whether there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. However, we can use biblical principles to reach a conclusion about ETs. Romans 8 makes it clear that man's sin has tainted the entire universe. So if there were beings on other planets similar to man, then those beings would be subject to the effects of man's sin. Would this be just? Could sentient beings on other planets be fallen creatures? If so, and since these beings are not descendants of Adam, what would be God's plan of redemption for them? The Bible indicates that man was made in God's image (Genesis 1:26) and is the center of God's attention (Hebrews 2:7), leaving no room for other beings. It is clear from these and other considerations that there are no "aliens" living on other planets. If there are no extraterrestrial aliens, then there can be no flying saucers piloted by them. So how do we explain all of those sightings of UFOs? Most can be explained by misidentification of other objects, such as bright stars and planets, aircraft, and weather balloons, to name just a few. A few sightings remain unexplained, but that does not mean that they necessarily are flying saucers — they just haven't been identified.

However, some people have reported more than just sightings of flying saucers, but have gone further to say that they have had direct interaction with aliens. Some of these reports merely are communication with aliens, while others involve being taken aboard spaceships. Some of these stories include traveling great distances aboard spacecraft. Much more disturbing, some people claim that while aboard spacecraft, aliens carried out bizarre investigations of their bodies. Many of these amount to vivisections and often are sexual in nature. We cannot attribute these sorts of claims to misidentifications, so what are we to make of many of these claims of alien abductions?

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