Amazing Grace In a Prison

amazinggraceprisonmainThis article is short because I'm hoping you'll take a minute and listen to a very special song at the end.

I really enjoy doing prison ministry and a number of years ago I had a speaking engagement at a prison that I'll never forget. The chaplain who invited me to speak is now retired, but what a ministry he had over the years. I greatly respect what Chappy accomplished through his obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Chappy invited me to speak over a three day period to the inmates. In my first speaking session there was a Muslim man. When I finished speaking he politely asked some very direct questions and I answered them. Chappy and I then went out for lunch and came back for the afternoon session. As we walked into the chapel several men who had been there in the morning approached me, looking very nervous. They said that the Muslim man who had been tasking questions was "stirring-up" the other Muslim inmates.

Over the years God has made one thing very clear to me. The safest place to be on this planet, is in His will! That's what I told those men. I told them I would just trust the Lord. He'd brought me there and He would take care of everything. Nothing could happen to me that He didn't allow!

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