America at the Tipping Point

americantippingmainAs Americans it's time to dust off our Bibles and rediscover the loving laws of God. As G.K. Chesterton says, "If men will not be governed by the Ten Commandments, they shall be governed by the 10,000 Commandments." In America today as the Ten Commandments have been ignored, the 10,000 Commandments have grown to hundreds of thousands of laws -- resulting in chaos and confusion.

America is at the tipping point between the two major conflicting law systems of men and nations: king's or ruler's law vs. God's Law. America was founded upon a simple and yet profoundly effective infrastructure built upon voluntary obedience to God's Law. The result was blessing, prosperity and personal liberty as the world had never before experienced. Taxes were low, laws were few and life and charity were focused at the family and community level.

But the past few generations have been seduced back toward the oppressive, top-down ruler's law which has dominated most nations of the world. Throughout history this system has always enslaved a people through an elaborate network of bureaucracy and ruler's laws, eventually leaving them dependent upon government for everything. The rulers often make god-like promises, always exempting themselves from their own onerous laws and taxes.

The answer to this juggernaut of ruler's law has been the same throughout history: The only source of liberty is God and His Word. Let us briefly track the impact of the earliest Christian believers as they faced the cruelty of Rome on the one hand and the anarchy and barbarity of the pagan tribes of Europe on the other. They ultimately outlasted and defeated the Roman Empire and laid the foundations for Western Civilization. They turned the world upside-down by following their Lord's strategy of servant leadership. They started by first living out their faith through obedience to God's laws in their homes, businesses and church fellowships. Then they extended charity in many ways, including feeding the poor and saving abandoned babies, left to die. They evangelized the unbelievers, and established God's Law as the basis for all of their societal institutions.

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