America’s Choice: Liberty or Tyranny?

Did you know that our current meltdown of the free enterprise entrepreneurial system -- through regulation, taxation and the rapid increase in centralized government -- is much like what our colonial founders faced in the 1760s? If we are to understand how to solve the desperate concerns of our day, it is vital that we learn the answers from our history. Shortly after our first settlers came to New England, the Stuart kings of England attempted to thwart the freedom and self-governing success of the American colonies. But the colonists held on to their godly charters and constitutions, beginning with the Mayflower Compact. Thee kings piled on regulations and would not allow the colonies to manufacture their own products, but forced them to send raw natural resources to England. The British would then sell back the finished products at a premium to the colonies. England grew rich on this unjust scheme.

By the 18th century, the colonies continued to be incredibly productive, even under the burden of English bureaucracy and arbitrary regulations. Imagine! The fact is that in about 70 years the Christian self-government and free enterprise of the colonists added as much wealth to England as the English empire had accumulated in over 1700 years!

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